Our full list of server rules
--------Shortcut keys.--------
//Trader Price List Catalogue - Y or Z (German)
Taunt players - 6, 7, 8, 9
Auto-run - 0
!admin YOUR MESSAGE in chat to request help in emergencies.
*Admins playing under non admin account have no obligation to
*If you notice a glitch and don't report it, don't be surprised
when you loose what you gained.
*Do not use any kind of Racist, Homophobic, or Discriminatory
comments. It will not be tolerated
*Do not be overly abusive towards another player. Shit talk
happens; it is part of the game. Know when to call it quits.
*No voice in side chat. Do not spam side chat.
*You may not kamikaze with deployed vehicles.(Mozzies)
*Do not impersonate an admin.
*If you are playing or associating with a hacker and they are
reported/found, We will temporarily ban your account,
check the logs and reset your player / remove your base
*DO NOT ask admins for simple things like teleporting or items.
*ENGLISH only in side chat please.
*VIRTUAL GARAGES are at car dealers in trader, plot pole or garage

*No destruction in Traderzones
*No camping any safezone! No killing within 500m of any Safezone
*DO NOT idol/AFK in traders. You have 10 minutes to run in, do your
business and get out. We will move you outside if found.
*Running into a safezone while in combat counts as combat logging.
*No running over people, No stealing. No selling vehicles that
are not yours.
*If you leave the safezone and enter combat, You CANNOT
return to the safezone.
*Do not get into other players vehicles, for any reason.
Trolling or griefing others in traders will result in a 24 hour ban.
*The owner of a vehicle is determined by the last driver.
*If you pack a bike/Mozzie or take off in them and they aren't
yours, you'll receive a 24 hour ban for trolling.
*If you steal a vehicle outside a trader it is yours,
Regardless of who holds the key.
*Locking anyone inside that vehicle in a trader is griefing.
*Leave other players alone. If you're told to move away from
someone or their vehicle, Do it!
*To access Bank - find a laptop then scroll and select BANK ACCOUNT
*To get a job - find a laptop then scroll and select Job Centre Plus
*Do NOT follow people out of traders. You will be banned for 24 hrs
*MAX BANK MONEY = 20 million
*Do NOT abuse auction house; use reasonable prices for buying/selling.

*You can rearm and repair at gas stations around the map
for a small fee. Refuel is free.
*If you loose a vehicle but still have the key just right
click your GPS and locate vehicles
*If you drop your key on the ground the vehicle will be
unlocked on restart.
*Use a Key Kit to get a new key to your vehicle
*Vehicles left in traders will be moved outside red zone at restart

--------BASE BUILDING RULES--------
*Plot Poles are required for base building.
*NO floating bases (Floaters). You cannot have a base floating
high in the air or not attached to the ground!
*Do not hide plot poles inside of objects. For example
- inside trees, rocks, walls, etc...
*You can hide it behind locked doors but you MUST have an
accessible plot pole to maintain it.
*Build limit is 150 items; Build smart
*You can build up to 30 meters high.
*Plot radius is 80m.
*Only 1 plot per player
*Use BUILD CHECK in your game menu to check the following:
*You may not build within 750m of any airfield,
military barracks, military buildings or trade zones.
*You must build 300 meters away from other bases.
*No boarding up doors with other objects when you are despawning
to prevent base raiding. If found, we will remove your base
*No elevators inside bases allowed. Your base must be raidable
to make it fair for others. If found we will remove the door
*If you want to create a helipad, make sure you snap the floors
together otherwise the heli will be destroyed on impact.
*All helipads deployed from citrine are ground based. You CANNOT
paint it anywhere but grass (Game implemented sorry
*HOW TO SNAP: Pull out the item to build, Scroll and click Snap
and then hit F on your keyboard;
*Use Q or E to rotate the object, use Page up + Page down
*Remove your own plot pole by using a crowbar.
*You can only build over roads over 2 cinder walls high.

*You can build a bunker that will protect you against explosions
and heavy gun fire.
*Warning keep these hidden, other players can access them
(They do NOT lock)
*Right click an eTool or Crowbar to remove bunker.

--------BASE RAIDING--------
*Base raiding is allowed. If another player gains access to your
plot they have the ability to crack safes & lockboxes using
a hotwire kit purchased from bandit/hero trader.
*Base take overs are not allowed.
*You can raid a base by attaching a satchel charge to any doorway!
There are chances it may not blow.

*Glitching or exploiting into bases or any normally inaccessible
areas in any way, shape, or form is against rules.
*Players caught glitching or exploiting will be banned.
*A glitch is ANYTHING that SHOULD NOT happen but does.
*Walking and looking through walls is a form of glitching,
*No riding bikes into missions to blow them up. Includes Kami.
*No use of H Barriers or tents on their side for bases.

*All destroyed objects will be deleted every restart
*All base objects will be deleted if not maintained within 7 days
*Any vehicles with lost keys will be unlocked every restart
*Safes and lockboxes reset to defaults after 10 days if not used.
(0000 & RED00)
*Player data will be deleted if you havent played for 30 days.
*Any storage items must be used within 12 days or it will delete.
*IF ROLLBACKS OCCUR, (Meaning the server is hacked and we have to
restore the database, you will not be refunded

----------------BOUNTY PLAYER----------------
Requires 5 Players online. Spawns you a motorbike, Gun, and
places a marker on the map. 20 minutes to escape and avoid death
to win 200k. Cannot camp Plot Pole. Selects players randomnly.
Cannot camp traders.
YOU CAN kill anyone with a bounty within 500m of traders.

*You automatically agree to these rules if you join and continue to
play the server.