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    HELP My Donation Was Not Accepted

    Heya Fellas, I haven't been playing so much recently, but I am curious why my payment (donation) to QueTube Llc was not accepted? I donated 10 euro Oct 10th and the payment was never accepted - it was returned to me just now.
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    Cannot View Restart Timer

    Hello Again, I also wanted to mention that I cannot seem to view the restart timer in debug, or along the bottom HUD. I believe my resolution is a 10:6 ratio with 1280 pixel width - I'm not sure what the Y value is there. This only seems to occur on my laptop which I am normally using while...
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    CROWS key disappeared at new King Kong mission

    Howdy Fellas, I did my first King Kong mission today, and what a challenge that was! Unfortunately, I had a couple issues / technical problems with the mission though: 1- It never spawns as a [Bandits] mission. 2- I believe that the key may have been on a ".50 calibre" AI, which seems to...