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    [SERVER INFO] King Kong Overpoch

    Welcome to King Kong Overpoch ============================================================================ Below u will find info about the mods, scripts & custom stuff we added to the server. Name: [KK]King Kong Overpoch |XP|1MilStart|StartKit|Bounty|Jobs|VG|Airdrop|AI|InsaneLoot Game: Arma...
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    looks nice
  5. Yarpii

    HELP Increase Loot !!!!!

    Increase the loot !!!!! I still miss the right loot in the barracks...... It's still not enough.... First the problem was only that not in all barracks where loot.... like 1/4 or 3/4 or even 2/8. But now it's like there can be a barrack with 1 weapon in 1 barrack..... :(
  6. Yarpii

    Death to Hookers

    lol XDDD
  7. Yarpii

    website update

  8. Yarpii

    website update

    hi guys, Next of couple days will i upgrade the forum to a newer version. The forum will have integration of discord,teamspeak,facebook,twitter and steam. The forum will get his own theme created by me. And allot of extra stuff will be added like downloads gallery and many more stay tuned...
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    Hi guys ||| Mr White ||| here and wanna say hi to everyone.... :)
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    hi peeps

    hi peeps