CROWS key disappeared at new King Kong mission


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Sep 27, 2018
Howdy Fellas,

I did my first King Kong mission today, and what a challenge that was! Unfortunately, I had a couple issues / technical problems with the mission though:

1- It never spawns as a [Bandits] mission.
2- I believe that the key may have been on a ".50 calibre" AI, which seems to de-spawn much quicker than the other bodies.

I had already noticed the first issue before Admins did some recent tweaks a couple days ago. I mentioned this, and admin Doritos asked me to keep an eye on it, but sadly it never does spawn as a [Bandits] mission. As a dedicated hero, sadly I usually avoid these missions :/.

I attempted the almighty King Kong mission today (using a vehicle gun so I didn't loose humanity) and ofc the .50 cal turrets are my first targets. By the time all was said and done, and I'm scrounging through +30 bodies for a key, the turrets had already vanished (before all the AI were dead) along with the AI related to them. After 3 rounds of searching all the AI bodies I could find - and approx. 30 minutes later - I could not find the key and could not capture my very first HMMV CROWS :( This mission occurred at approx 21:00 GMT -7 (Pacific Time). Screenshots are at approx. 21:15. Pacific Time.

Any help, thoughts, feedback or refund would be much appreciated! Thanks for reading :)

P.S. I hope I am posting this in the right channel / forum.



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Aug 14, 2018
Hi Eagle, sorry for the late reply dude. I've been away.
The King Kong mission is always a [Hero] mission.
From my understanding there was a vote in Discord: that people wanted to put the key into the bodies of the AI. All the AI are set to disappear at the same time. Unfortunately there's not alot that can be done if you can't find the key. Sorry about that dude!