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Mar 13, 2019
Soft Fancy Chenille Yarn for Knitting
Product Introduction of the Chenille Yarn
Chenille Yarn is a new type of fancy yarn, which takes two plied yarns as the core wire. Usually, it can be made from polyester, cotton, acrylic, viscose. This yarn gives the fabric a thick and solid feel, the fabric of it has the advantages of high-end luxury, softness, warmness, good drape and good hygroscopicity and so on. It can be made into decorative products, like sofa sets, bedspread, blanket, carpet, curtain and other interior decoration accessories.
Product Parameter (Specification) of the Chenille Yarn
Product Feature And Application of the Chenille Yarn
The Chenille Yarn looks very beautiful and feels very soft and is widely used in cashmere fabrics and decorative fabrics. The fabrics are magnificent and velvety. Chenille Yarn can be directly used as a knotted line and it has the rich characteristics, warm and good decorative effect. The clothes made from this yarn can make you feel warm in the cold winter. It can also be made into many decorative products.
Production Details of the Chenille Yarn
Production Process of the Chenille Yarn
Deliver,Shipping And Serving of the Chenille Yarn
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