Make your players struggle a bit


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Sep 22, 2018
- server is very nice, responsive admins, help menus, very well organized GUI with alot of details but it is killing a bit the player struggle/achievement goals due to high loot and starting money
My vision of the server:
- current base starter kit - ok (fix losing starter kit if you die before using it - admins are very nice/responsive and they help if you lost the starter kit but this should not happen at all. Set a 3-7 days period until starter kit is removed from user side, make notification messages for expiration date)
- toolbox current spawn vehicles - current system ok but limit players spawn to 7000m radius after being killed in an area with mozzie respawn cooldown of 5 min. Also put a 5 min delay on suicide option after a player dies.
-starting money - should be reduced to 200.000
-high tier weapons droping rate - drop chance should be reduced alot for normal spawning points. There are multiple reasons for it :
a. make your players to feel that some weapons are special as to have a "wow" moment when they find something of value that will change their bank level,
b. make the auction house a real thing. With current setup nobody cares about auction house or looting from missions/military/airport.
c. generate more pvp fights within military compounds areas because players will want to loot more in search for better and more expensive weapons

- make a difference for high tier weapons/special weapons between missions drop chance and weapons spawning places drop chance. Make the missions matter for player's banking value.
- create show base hight boundary visible limit option ( similar to plot pole show boundary)
- limit flooding of armed airplanes/helicopters:
a. do not allow them to be stored in the virtual garage, make your players build bases with landing zones for these types as to protect them
b. enable hotwire for them and make it legal to stole from anywhere on the map except safe zones
c. hotwire drop chance should be very low ~2% (dropping from missions or military/airport compound looting places) and chance to unlock a vehicle should be at 20%
d. kamikaze on parked armed airplanes/helicopters should trigger ban
e. raise prices for armed helicopters/airplanes as to be harder to buy them and increase player's desire to farm coins for them (this will increase also PVP on looting places)
Oct 4, 2018
Looks so good...But remember, it's a SemiMil Server
but a few more suggestions
-starting money - should be reduced to (200.000) 500.000
drop chance should be reduced (I would not do that and if not so hard. so that one still finds good in Milbasen)
-raise prices for armed helicopters/airplanes (+25%)
only suggestions


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Oct 17, 2018
In my opinion seems like a bad idea.

-7000m radius

what? so you wanna die in berezino and have to spawn in zelenogorsk? current system is just fine. if you spawn armed, you have to bike ride atleast 1.5km after landing, giving the killers more than enough time to loot you and leave. if you spawn with a mozzie you only have a revolver with 6 shots and a crossbow and mozzies dont even have explosive damage so no kami. this idea seems like a great way to slow down the server and kill action. its this simple: dont spend 30 minutes looting people after you killed them.

-suicide delay
dont see the logic. at all. even if they do it, people will just eject off a bike and kill themselves that way.

-starting money reduced to 200k.

just.... why. at that point remove the starting money. what can you get with 200k? a lapua and 4 mags? or a humvee with an m240? bad idea.
1 mil start gives players a good basis to start with so it isnt that difficult to catch up with others. with 1 mil you can make a nice base, buy a couple good guns, or a high end vehicle. this way they arent forced right off the bat to grind through missions and get killed by assholes like me.

-high tier weapon spawns

I still have never seen a as50,m107,cheytac,etc. spawn anywhere. not even once. its not like you walk into a super market and find an anzio on the floor. and if someone gets lucky and finds a rare spawn like that, why take that away? just making it harder for new players.
Players already have that "wow" moment. as50 and anzio is a load of xp, cheytac is almost the full starting amount, and they definitely change the bank with their price. dont understand this point.

-make auction house a real thing

idk what you mean by this, its definitely there and useful got my launchers and high end snipers dirt cheap. dont wanna spend a week of xp accumulation on an as50? buy one from the auction house for 250k. maybe you should check it more frequently. also the reason no one cares about selling 90% of mission guns is because 90% of mission guns are generic fillers that people wouldnt spend money on. who you see collecting ACRs or G3s?

-more pvp in mil compunds

good idea, you could even add AI and a loot box after the AI are cleared. but the only way i could see that happening is by adding static AI there and idk how that would affect performance

-no mil vics in garage

if mil vehicles arent allowed in garage then they will just be blown up when the player is afk. even if theyre in a base, the 20mm gun on the vodnik for example will make walls and metal floors swiss cheese and blow up the vehicle. maybe raise the price to store them? or if they can figure out a way to make them god mode while locked on plot, its a good idea. they can still be stolen this way or blown up if unlocked.

-make mil vics hotwireable

they can already be hotwired. if you mean make them claimable after hotwire, i agree.

-lower hotwire chance

again, at least in my experience, i havent seen a single hotwire spawn as loot in the world or in a mission. but yeah i personally wouldnt want them as a random loot spawn. make people spend 300k or do a super hard mission to get them. sounds good.

-kami on parked cars ban

not a bad idea, maybe not ban, but again, if its parked and locked it could have godmode.

-raise price on mil vics

dont know how much higher you want it. no ones gonna spend 1,000,000 gold on a little bird that can be taken out by a single 50 cal shot or a couple 7.62 shots. at that point raise MG prices to make it fair right? and if you raise armor prices you gotta raise launcher prices too. i think its good how it is right now.

just my thoughts